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The Bridge of Health PartnerChain

In addition to its traditional annual campaign in Hungary, the Bridge of Health Alliance, an organization fighting against breast cancer, is launching new initiatives in 2009 to raise awareness of the importance of breast cancer screening and of leading a healthy life. Titled “The Bridge of Health PartnerChain”, a new health awareness raising campaign is being launched at the companies that sponsor the Alliance to deliver its messages to about 100,000 of their employees and thereby to their families in multiple phases throughout the year. Under the PartnerChain campaign 16 partner-companies will adopt GE's best practice this year, with dr. Laszlo Solyom, President of the Republic of Hungary, and his wife, Erzsebet Solyom acting as patrons.

„The Bridge of Health PartnerChain has special importance as the key business players and their employees take on the cause of fighting against breast cancer and join their forces for a healthier society in Hungary”, highlighted Minister of Health dr. Tamas Szekely at the press conference held on September 16, 2009.  
Companies that were quick to join the program at the first invitation with a total of 100,000 employees include: Budapest Bank Nyrt., ERSTE Bank, Evidence Hungary - Zoknitex Kft., GE Hungary Kft., Janssen-Cilag Kft., Johnson & Johnson Ltd, Magyar Lapkiadók Egyesülete, Magyar Posta, Magyar Telekom Csoport, Pannon Lapok Társasága Kiadói Kft., Pfizer,Provident, Siemens, Skála Group Kft., Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge, SPAR Csoport Magyarország Kft., Szerencsejáték Zrt.
Established in 2002, the Bridge of Health Alliance is the first initiative in Hungary that promotes the committed cooperation of the government, business and NGO sectors to work for a common good, in this case the fight against breast cancer. The objective of the Alliance is to communicate to the public that breast cancer, if detected at an early stage, is largely curable. As an important step in the effort, women should attend country-wide screening scheme organized by the Hungarian Health Authority and should understand the importance of self-examination.
Illuminated in pink lights as the symbol of the alliance, the Chain Bridge will be an important location for this year’s large-scale series of events on October 4, 2009. The Hungarian Academy of Sciences will host the opening ceremonies and a scientific symposium to be attended by experts of the field and enabled by sponsorship from Pfizer.
The symposium will be followed by an awareness-raising walk at 8:00 p.m. from Roosevelt square through the Bridge of Health, – the Chain Bridge illuminated in pink lights thanks to GE Healthcare’s support –, when members of the general public, together with the founder and sponsor organizations and in the company of the brand ambassadors of the Alliance (actresses Szonja Oroszlan, Kata Dobo, singers Erzsi Galambos and Marta Sebestyen), the US Ambassador to Hungary, Hungarian Health Minister dr. Tamas Szekely and other prominent individuals will walk the bridge that symbolizes cooperation and joint action in this all too important field.   
What can you do for leading a healthier life?
  • Take care of and alert your female relatives and acquaintances between the age of 45-65 about the country-wide screening program. The sad fact is that currently on 38% of females participate in the screening on notice they receive once in two years. You can help by mobilizing your beloved ones!
  • The risk of diseases – including breast cancer – can be greatly reduced through health awareness. Therefore we must act for our own and for our beloved ones’ sake! Our goal is to help predict, diagnose, treat and monitor diseases earlier so people can live their lives to the fullest. 
 A basic thing you can do is focus on the five pillars of health:
  1. Refraining from smoking 
  2. Healthy nutrition 
  3. Recreation
  4. Exercise
  5. Avoiding stress 
Act for your health!

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